Member Organisations

# Name Position E-mail
1 James Lewis CHS Group
2 Anna Gilchrist CWRC
3 Matt Edge Cambridge Acorn Project
4 Jane Rich Cambridge Community Arts
5 Tim Cracknell Cambridge GET Group
6 Ana Sivelli Cambridge Jobcentre (DWP)
7 Stevie Roach Cambridge - Pioneer stage - Read Easy
8 Caroline MacKechnie-Jarvis Corona House
9 Grant Chambers Dhiverse
10 Paul Herrington Grow Places
11 Angie Ridley Healthwatch Cambridgeshire
12 Maria Varallo Illuminate
13 Andrew Deller Lifecraft
14 Alice Webb Make Do and Mend
15 Hannah Turner CPSL MIND
16 Jude Tustian Phoenix Trust
17 Kate Nation Turtle Dove
18 James Martin Wintercomfort for the Homeless